Play to Win

We are thrilled to offer Play to Win at Comic Con Honolulu! Play to Win is your chance to win a variety of games as prizes.

What is play to win?

During the weekend, each time you play (and complete!) one of the games on our Play to Win list, you will have the chance to enter your name in a drawing for that specific game. All of the game lists will be available at the Tabletop Information Desk, located near the Tabletop Gaming room’s entrance. You may have your name entered once per game play. At 4:30 PM on Sunday, we will draw a winner for each game one at a time. Only those present at the time of the draw will be eligible to win (exceptions – see rule 7).

A non-playing teacher of a game can also earn an entry on a Play to Win list by notifying the Tabletop Information Desk and having the players confirm them as their teacher for a given round. Regardless of if you are teaching or playing, each person’s name can only be entered once per playthrough of a game.

Rules for Play to Win

  1. Only games specifically designated as Play to Win are eligible to be won. These games are listed at the Information Desk, and organized on their own shelf in the library.
  2. There can be only one non-playing teacher per session. This teacher may be a Tabletop Gaming volunteer staffer.
  3. Any copy of an eligible game can count towards participating in a Play to Win session, not just the copies we have on hand in the Tabletop Gaming Library. If you are playing a non-TTG Library copy, please inform one of our crew members to have your play recorded.
  4. In order to play a Play to Win game from the Tabletop Gaming Library, you must sign out the game according to the posted sign-out policy.
  5. Only one copy of a game can be signed-out at a time.
  6. You cannot sit on a signed-out copy of a game while playing something else. Some allowance can be given on a case-by-case basis for those about to finish up a game and are looking to play one of the eligible Play to Win titles.
  7. You must be present or have a previously authorized stand-in at the time of the drawings. If you need to have a friend stand in for you at the time of the draw, please write their name on the back of the entry slip for that game to show you’ve given your authorization for them to represent you. We will be calling the name on the front of the slip, but will check the back if someone says that they are representing you.
Tabletop gaming at CCH.
Tabletop Gaming Gallactus - courtesy of Chris Kwock
Gaming My Little Pony courtesy of Gina Maeda
Giant Connect 4 CCH - courtesy of Keo Nooch

Header image courtesy of Zarli Win.