Featured Panels & Events

Aside from our expansive Video Gaming and Table Top Gaming rooms, one of the things that sets Comic Con Honolulu apart from other comic conventions is the wide range of panels and events hosted by local fans and experts. Get an idea of what you can participate in below!

REY. Skywalker, Kenobi, or a New Bloodline

We all want to know who Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is. Is Luke her father? Did Kenobi stray from the Jedi way on Tatooine? Or is Rey just a whole new bloodline to the Star Wars Saga. It’s up to you to decide as we discuss the options of who Rey could be.

The Military and Star Wars: Rouge One

It’s dark, it’s ominous, it’s WAR….. Star Wars that is. Rouge One is the first time were are going to see Star Wars as a true grit war movie. We are going to get all the Star Wars elements we love with the excitement of Saving Private Ryan. Join real soldiers in the discussion of an actual Star Wars war movie.

Sith vs Sith

Ever wonder who would win in a battle between two Sith. Wonder no more as you decide the outcome of Sith vs Sith match ups!

Coloring with H4XX

Learn about alcohol based markers and how to take your art game to the next level. Where to start, what type of materials you may need, the costs, and where to obtain these materials. Best of all, learn, real world techniques as you watch the creation of a work of art!

Building Ghostbusters props including a proton pack

Learn how to build your own Ghostbuster props for the ultimate Ghostbuster cosplay!

Quidditch Through The Ages!

Ever read or watch Harry Potter and daydreamed about playing quidditch in real life? Well now you can! Let your geek flag fly high and become a part of something amazing!

Whovian Trivia

Favorite Doctor? Favorite Companion? Test your knowledge of all things Doctor Who. Prizes for the winners!

Star Trek: A 50th Anniversary Retrospective

Star Trek premiered on NBC on Thursday, 8 September 1966 at 8:30PM, and has been going strong ever since. The third installment of the new movie series, Star Trek Beyond has just been released. And CBS Television Studios plans to make a new television series to premiere in January 2017. All aspects of the Star Trek phenomenon from the first pilot, “The Cage”, filmed in late 1964, to the latest installment, Star Trek Beyond, will be considered in this 50th anniversary retrospective panel. Come help us celebrate a half century of Star Trek!

Starship Smackdown!

A wide variety of space ships and other vehicles from the different universes you know and love will battle each other in the arena of the mind. Many will enter. Only one will be victorious.