Kamakani de Dely

Leah Rose

Chris Parson

Voice of Junkrat in Overwatch

Jennifer Blanc

Roy Thomas

Creator of Captain Marvel, Wolverine


Artist for Infinite Guardians of the Galaxy

Michael Biehn

Adrian Pasdar

Katie Cassidy

Laurel from Arrow, Ruby from Supernatural

Free Isabelo

Owner of LFDF Comics, Upper Deck/MARVEL Artist

Michael Chu

Writer for Overwatch

Stan Sakai

Creator of Usagi Yojimbo

Lennie James from Walking Dead comes to Comic Con Honolulu

Lennie James

Morgan from The Walking Dead

Legendary Comic Artist Terry Moore is coming to Oahu for Comic Con Honolulu

Terry Moore

Creator of Strangers in Paradise

American Gods Layout designer James Jameson is coming to Comic Con Honolulu

James Jameson

Layout & Photography for American Gods

Current Deadpool artist Scott Koblish is coming to Hawaii for Comic Con Honolulu

Scott Koblish

Current Artist for Deadpool Comic

Shi artist Billy Tucci is coming to the Aloha State for Comic Con Honolulu

Billy Tucci

Creator of Shi

Jason Isaacs

Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter Movies, Captain Lorca in Star Trek: Discovery

Alex Saviuk

Artist for Spider-Man and The Phantom

Elise Zhang

Voice of Mei in Overwatch

Feodor Chin

Voice of Zenyatta in Overwatch

Josh Petersdorf

Voice of Roadhog in Overwatch

Paul Nakauchi

Voice of Hanzo in Overwatch

Kevin Sussman

Stuart in The Big Bang Theory

Jeremy Shada

Voice of Finn the Human in Adventure Time

Felicia Day

Creator of The Guild, Charlie in Supernatural

Katrina Law

Nyssa Al Ghul in Arrow

Rich Bernatovech

Creator of Sentinels and Kowa

Kelly Hu

Lady Deathstrike in X2, China White in Arrow

Header photo courtesy of Zarli Win.