We wanted our attendees to get to know the incredible talent in the Artist Alley a little better, so we asked each of our artists to answer a couple questions about themselves and their art.

MangaBento is an anything-goes gathering of artists and art lovers. Most of us are interested in Japan and anime/manga and its derivatives: Cosplay, doujinshi, computer art, gaming, etc.

Several artist make up Mangabento. Represented at the table are Yu Xian He- cosplay, illustration, Kay Pham- cosplay, drawing, sewing, fangirl; Dennis Imoto- sculptor, painter, teacher, and Devin Oishi.

What was the first thing you made/wrote/drew?

Devin: The first thing I remember drawing for school was an or orchestra I went to visit in Kindergarten. The first drawings I made for fun was Kikaida, Go Ranger, Mazinga Z, Ultra 7. In the forth grade I started reading Marvel and Spiderman, Captain America came into the mix. First sculpture was in clay in the fourth grade. Ist comic was a super hero story like the Avengers, Go Ranger, Knights, and Samurai mashed up.

Who or what are your influences?

Devin: Kikaida- Ishimori; X-Men- John Bryne; Akira Kurosawa; Totoro: Ruben Tam; Noguchi; Donatello; Diebenkorn; nature; science; history

What plans do you have for the future of your art?

Devin: Art bucket list: design a house, a sky scrapper, giant sculpture, make a movie, make an animation

Do you have any good advice for emerging artists?

Devin: You’re not making one. You are making a lifetime of work. Who cares if you fail repeatedly. There is always one more to go.

What do you hope people get out of you artwork/writing/etc?

Devin: I’ve been thinking about are relationship to nature, the past, and the present.

To date, what works of yours are most satisfied with?

Devin: I stop when I feel like I will turn whatever it is into a mess.

Make sure to stop by MangaBento in the Comic Con Honolulu Artist Alley July 29-31, 2016!