Robert Cargill is an internet film critic, novelist and screenwriter best known for Marvel’s Dr. Strange and the horror hit Sinister. Cargill began his career as a writer with Ain’t it Cool News, an entertainment news site, under the pseudonym Massawyrm, writing there for over a decade.  During that time he also co-founded, an animated movie review website dedicated toward representation in film review – combining comedy and commentary, and developing a cult audience across the world.He was also a staff contributor for and, as well asappeared on countless podcasts, webshows, and in the occasional Texas-made film.

Cargill left the regular film review world to pursue a career in fiction. He is the published author of three books: The critically acclaimed fantasy novels Dreams and Shadows and Queen of the Dark Things, and the upcoming Harper Voyager science fiction novel Sea of Rust. Sea of Rust comes out this September and is the book #1 NYT bestselling author Joe Hill calls “a 40-megaton cruise missile of a novel – it’ll blow you away and lay waste to your heart. The most visceral, relentless, breath-taking work of SF in any medium since MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.”

Cargill is credited on three films, the horror hit Sinister, its sequel Sinister 2, and the recent Marvel smash Doctor Strange. In addition, he’s worked on a dozen other films still in development, including adaptations of the Hugo nominated novel When Gravity Fails, the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Harlan Ellison’s Demon with a Glass Hand (for The Outer Limits film), and an adaptation of Christopher Yost’s comic Killer of Demons.

Cargill can be found online weekly as the cohost of the popular cult and exploitation film podcast Junkfood Cinema, on which he and co-host Bran Salisbury discuss the neglected, ignored, and underrated films of the last 50 years. He lives and works in Austin, TX.